Our Story

Fatma Mostafa jewelry was born out of a love for fine art, fashion, and traditional crafts like embroidery. I was introduced to embroidery by my mother, and as a young girl it was the first medium I was trained in but never gave it much thought. I later pursued fine arts, and through oil painting I discovered my fascination with colors and landscapes, and developed a curiosity for experimenting with the potentials of medium.

As i continued experimenting with different mediums, I rediscovered my adoration of embroidery and my interest in jewelry design, an in mixing both, I founded my brand. Like painting, the beauty of embroidery comes from the time, care and deliberate effort it takes to create a piece.

And through my work, I was taught to cherish patience and see the beauty in slowness as a piece unveils itself. I strive to create a pieces that the original works of art, where you can clearly see the value and beauty of nature and endless …potential of patient human hands with colorful threads


The Founder

Fatma Mostafa

Fatma Mostafa is an artist and jewelry designer experimenting across a wide range of media. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts, 2016. In 2017, she founded her own jewelry brand. In moving through oil painting, embroidery, and photography, her work takes a multi-disciplinary approach, posing questions of our relationship to materials. She combines mediums and incorporates natural materials in both her paintings and designs. Her artistic background makes her think of her jewelry as pieces of art that she gets to share with others.

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